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Philippine Real Estate Solutions, LLP (PRS LLP)

BSPLASVEGAS is Philippine Real Estate Solutions, LLP (PRS LLP) – a Las Vegas-based Core Branch of Bahay Sa Pinas USA, Inc. The Las Vegas Core group members include Marilou Tingley, Bobby Bravo, and Guy Rendon.

Bahay Sa Pinas USA, Inc. (BSP) is the very first U.S. company that provides a “One-Stop-Shop” approach for anything and everything Philippine Real Estate.

Our Las Vegas office contact number is (702)418-6345.

PRS LLP, specializes in Philippine income-generating properties, large land acquisition, and joint ventures. We also offer a range of business-to-business (B2B) services to help US and Philippine companies navigate the complexities of doing business across borders. Our team has the expertise and experience to assist with the legal, financial, and regulatory aspects of setting up or expanding operations in the Philippines or the US. In addition, we work with a diverse range of investment partners, including those based in the US, Europe, and the Philippines, and partner with top and multi-awarded Philippine developers to provide our clients with access to the best investment opportunities the Philippine real estate market has to offer. Thank you for choosing PRS LLP as your partner in Philippine real estate and B2B.

The Core Vegas Members

Guy Rendon: A Real Estate Advisor with a Wealth of Experience

If you’re looking for a real estate advisor with a wealth of experience, look no further than Guy Rendon and the Core Vegas Team. With a background in software development and a passion for investing in Philippine properties, Guy has a unique perspective on the real estate market that has proven invaluable to his clients. Click here for more info.